GCAGS Historic Documents and Letters

Sources of Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies History - Transactions

(Ed Picou, June 10, 2008; updated by GCAGS Historians Mark Gallagher and Jeff Spencer)

1953 Vol. 3 Page 1-6 – More Oil Early history of GCAGS by C.L. Moody

1967 Vol. 17 Pages XVII-XIX - Why and Whither GCAGS by Leslie Dowling

1968 Vol. 18 Page XII – This volume was dedicated to the Steering Committee who laid the ground work for establishing the GCAGS. Photos included.

1980 Vol. 30 Pages II-V – Dedication of the 1980 GCAGS Transactions Volume to the Seven Founding Fathers of the GCAGS. Included is the May, 16, 1950 memo. by A.P. Claudet is a summary of the May 12, 1950 meeting in Baton Rouge, LA. This memo essentially lays out the organization of the Association.

1986 Vol. 36 Pages xi-xii – David Pope’s report as GCAGS President includes some background on the formation of GCAGS.

1991 Vol. 41 Pages 516-23 – The GCAGS, 1951-1990 – A salute to Forty Years of Progress, by Dave Pope. This paper details the founding and evolution of the GCAGS. Major sections include Origin, Evolution, Organization, Annual Meetings, Publications, Honors and Awards, Committees, Constitution, Finances, Conclusions and Acknowledgements. Pope also lists six references. Photos of the GCAGS Seven Founding Fathers on p. 516.

1993 Vol. 43 Pages 312-24 – Histories of Member Societies of the Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies and the Gulf Coast Section of SEPM, by Dave Pope. This paper includes photos of the Steering Committee members, who in 1949-1950, fostered the initial development of the GCAGS.

2000, v. 50 Pages F-79-83. Historical Notes on the GCAGS and 2000 Update by David E. Pope

2001 Vol. 51 Pages F72-F73 – Historical Notes: Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies, by Phillip R. Allin. Founding Father Allin presents a personal recollection of the founding of the GCAGS and its nurturing.

2003 Vol. 53 Pages F49-F64 – Ten-year Update: Histories of GCAGS Member Societies, Gulf Coast SEPM, and the Mexican Association of Petroleum Geologists, by Dave Pope. This paper provides a detailed update on activities of all member societies since the publication of the original history in 1991. Some member societies provided new information on their founding and early activities.

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