Special Commendation Award

The Special Commendation Award is presented to individuals or groups who have made special contributions to the advancement of GCAGS or Gulf Coast geology in general, but whose achievements cannot be categorized according to the purpose and guidelines of any of the other GCAGS awards.


This honor is not restricted to members of GCAGS affiliated societies, but the recommendation must come from an affiliated society or from an individual member of an affiliated society.

Guidelines for Consideration of Candidates

The Special Commendation Award can be given for reasons that cover a broad range of possibilities.  As examples, previous award winners have been honored for contributions such as long-term administrative service to GCAGS, coordination of special projects, and significant but unrequited efforts in preparation for a convention canceled due to natural causes.  This award is particularly appropriate as a recognition for outstanding service and accomplishments that are essentially unique.

Procedure for Recommendation

There is no prescribed nomination form for this award.  A nomination should be submitted as a letter of recommendation from the nominating society, along with a description of the nominee’s special service or achievements and any pertinent support documentation, to the GCAGS Awards & Nominations Chair.  All nominations not selected for an award in any one year will be retained for future consideration in the next year and need not be resubmitted, but additional information may be submitted in order to update files. Nominations will be held for consideration for up to three years.

The deadline for nominations for all 2016 GCAGS Awards is February 15, 2017Please submit nomination and support materials by mail or email to:

Brent Hopkins
Suemaur Exploration & Production LLC
539 N. Carancahua, Ste. 1100, Corpus Christi, TX 78401
Phone: 361-884-8824 x1101

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