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Vadose Diagenetic Dissolution Textures, Cementation Patterns, and Aragonite and Mg–Calcite Alteration in the Holocene Isla Cancún Eolianite Aragonitic Ooids: Modern Analog for Ancient Ooid-Grainstone Pore Networks
Robert G. Loucks and Kim Patty

Depositional Systems, Facies Variability, and their Relationship to Reservoir Quality in the Jurassic Cotton Valley Group, Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi Gulf Coast
William A. Ambrose, Shirley P. Dutton, and Robert G. Loucks

Regional Trends in Diagenesis and Reservoir Quality of Jurassic Cotton Valley Sandstones, Northern Gulf of Mexico Basin
Shirley P. Dutton, William A. Ambrose, Bohdan B. Horodecky, and Robert G. Loucks

Three-Dimensional Characterization of Cave Networks Using Photogrammetry: Example from Longhorn Cavern, Central Texas
Josh Lambert, Robert G. Loucks, and Guinevere McDaid

Upper Cretaceous (Campanian) Ozan and Annona Chalks in Caddo–Pine Island Field, Northwestern Louisiana: Depositional Setting, Lithofacies, and Nanopore/Micropore Network
Robert G. Loucks, Gregory Frébourg, and Harry D. Rowe

Identifying Spikes in Sonic Slowness and in Resistivity in the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale Using Continuous Wavelet Transform
Carol Wicks and Samiha Naseem

Organic-Matter Pores: New Findings from Lower-Thermal-Maturity Mudrocks
Robert M. Reed

Regional Stratigraphy of the Edwards Group and Associated Formations of Texas (Lower Cretaceous, Comanchean): In Defense of the Classic View
Peter R. Rose

Beyond the Bad-Water Line—A Model for the Occurrence of Brackish Water in Upper Coastal Plain Aquifers in Texas
Stephen Z. Hoff, Jr. and Alan R. Dutton

A Re-Evaluation of the Northern A.W.P. Field, McMullen County, Texas
Scott Hamilton and Raphaël Gottardi

The Eagle Ford Group Returns to Big Bend National Park, Brewster County, Texas
Matthew Wehner, Rand D. Gardner, Michael C. Pope, and Arthur D. Donovan

Carbonate Reservoir Characterization Using the Cementation Factor: A Case Study of Little Cedar Creek Field, Onshore Alabama
Qifei Huang and Yuefeng Sun

Influence of Structural Position on Fracturing in the Austin Chalk
David A. Ferrill, Kevin J. Smart, Ronald N. McGinnis, Alan P. Morris, and Kirk D. H. Gulliver

Middle Eocene Storm Deposition in the Northwestern Gulf of Mexico, Burleson County, Texas, U.S.A.
James E. Flis, Thomas E. Yancey, and Christopher J. Flis


2017 (Vol. 6)


Cover: (Top) Indian Council Room, Longhorn Cavern, Burnet County, Texas, viewed as mesh with image texture mapped onto mesh surface. (Bottom) Indian Council Room viewed as mesh bottom. For more information, please see Lambert et al. paper herein.




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