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Origin and Characterization of the Lithofacies and Dual Micropore/Macropore Network in Pennsylvanian (Early Desmoinesian) Caddo Shelf-Buildup Complexes, Stephens County, North-Central Texas
Robert G. Loucks and Qilong Fu

Facies and Stratigraphic Interpretation of the Eaglebine Play in Central Texas
Sridharan Vallabhaneni, Thomas D. Olszewski, Michael C. Pope, and Zoya Heidari

Extensional Salt Keels Detached on Eocene-Oligocene Sediments in the Deepwater Northern Gulf of Mexico: Insights into Canopy Advancement, Salt-Sediment Interplay, and Evidence for Unrecognized Mass Sediment Displacement
J. Carl Fiduk, Vivian Robertson, Marianne Clippard, George A. Jamieson, and Sarah Power

Natural Microfractures in Unconventional Shale-Oil and Shale-Gas Systems: Real, Hypothetical, or Wrongly Defined?
Robert G. Loucks and Robert M. Reed

Depositional Systems, Facies Variability, and Reservoir Quality in Shallow-Marine Reservoirs in the Eocene Upper Wilcox Group in Fandango Field, Zapata County, Texas
William A. Ambrose, Shirley P. Dutton, and Robert G. Loucks

Diagenetic Controls on Reservoir Quality in Deep Upper Wilcox Sandstones of the Rio Grande Delta System, South Texas
Shirley P. Dutton, William A. Ambrose, and Robert G. Loucks

Problem Solving with Microfossils: A Brief Review of the Role of Thin-Section Studies in Micropaleontology
Malcolm B. Hart

CO2 Sequestration Capacity Sectors in Miocene Strata of the Offshore Texas State Waters
David L. Carr, Kerstan J. Wallace, Changbing Yang, and Andrew J. Nicholson

Late Cretaceous and Tertiary Burial History, Central Texas
Peter R. Rose

Use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) to Create Digital Outcrop Models: An Example from the Cretaceous Cow Creek Formation, Central Texas
Chris Zahm, Josh Lambert, and Charlie Kerans

The Effect of Sample Volume on Micro-Rebound Hammer UCS Measurements in Gulf Coast Cretaceous Carbonate Cores
Donnie Brooks, Xavier Janson, and Chris Zahm

Controls of the Geometry and Evolution of Salt Diapirs in Experimental Models and Natural Examples
Shankar Mitra and Pierre Karam Sediment

Dispersal Patterns of the Outer Shelf to Upper Slope Paleocene-Eocene Wilcox Group, South-Central Texas Coast
Hongliu Zeng, William A. Ambrose, and Wenlong Xu

Mechanically-Partitioned Deformation Related to Reactivated Oblique Slip Faults, Pecos River Canyon
Gordon Smith, Chris Zahm, and Charles Kerans

U–Pb Geochronology and Sources of Volcanic Ash Beds in the Upper Cretaceous Eagle Ford Shale, South Texas
John D. Pierce, Stephen C. Ruppel, Harry Rowe, and Daniel F. Stockli

Modification of Pore Geometry and Petrophysical Characteristics of the Upper Jurassic Smackover Formation Thrombolite Reservoirs after Dolomitization
Sandra Nélis Tonietto and Michael C. Pope


2016 (Vol. 5)


Cover: (Top) Larger foraminifera from the Maastricht Chalk Formation, ENCI quarry, Maastricht, The Netherlands, and (Bottom) Large conical radiolarian referable to Pseudodictyomitra sp. cf. P. pseudomacrocephala (Squinabol), which is recorded at the Cenomanian-Turonian boundary in the Crimea. For more information, please see M. Hart paper herein.




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